A New Beginning

20 Dec

As I was on Facebook the other day I read a friend’s link “Everything happens for a reason.”  That pretty much sums it up right now.  My previous place of employment is closed.  Thanks to that I found an opportunity to apply for a copywriting job.  Thanks to that opportunity I rediscovered something beautiful in my life:  writing.  Thanks to being home every day now with my children I also found the time to start working out again.  And thanks to the extra time reading my emails and following Facebook I also discovered my blog.  And here I am–writing again.

So..absolutely everything happens for a reason.

Somehow I got to an unhealthy weight in life.  I have no one and nothing to blame, but myself.  It happened.  I had kids, I got lazier, I happen to love all those bad-for-you foods.  It is what it is.  But there’s an incredibly high risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity in my family.  I have three gorgeous kids I’d like to see grow up and a great husband I’d like to spend some more time with in life.  That said–I need to get healthy.  And what better way to be accountable than to involve my kids and to make it fun.

I live in Wisconsin and it snowed last night and today.  It snowed a lot.  So today’s workout–shoveling our two driveways and sidewalks.  An hour and a half of shoveling.  I feel like my arm is about to fall off after that.  I wanted to quit, but as I was shoveling I was thinking about this blog.  I’ve started writing them, never felt like finishing it, and like so many things it just got shoved in the closet.  (If you’ve ever seen my closet you’d understand why there’s a lot;P)

I have so many blessings in life.  I want to be there to see more of them.  Why wait until New Year’s to start a new resolution that quite easily could also be shoved under the rug.  It’s time right now.


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