Peek A Boo

31 Dec

My one year old could play this game all day long.  I happened to ask myself out loud where my keys were.  She was the only one to answer me when she pulled her blanket over her face and gave me a huge smile.  I will admit it made me giggle.

I just brought her (along with my other two as it was winter break) to her pediatrician suspecting a food allergy.  I have a hunch that it’s celiac.  My mom has celiac, my oldest has Type 1 Diabetes, and my other daughter has hypothyroidism.  So far the little one was the “healthy” child, but who wants to be left out?

Luckily I grew up used to my mom’s diet, so this isn’t culture shock to me like the initial counting carbs was when my son was diagnosed.  It does, however, have me reading more labels and rethinking our diets at home.  I’ve realized gluten-free products are insanely expensive and most stores have a limited stock.  But, luckily, her favorite foods are fruit, cheese, and yogurt.  There aren’t any glutens in those!  And if it turns out that it’s not gluten, then we’ll go from there.  And my mom will be thrilled to have some extra food;)


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