Honestly, me?

2 Jan

As I’m not working I have occasional opportunities to catch TV that is not Sesame Street, Word World, Star Wars, or whatever video game is playing on the Xbox 360.  The other morning was my 600 Pound Life.  I watched those people barely able to walk, breaking their wheelchairs that they need to move.  It’s heartbreaking to me.  And I’m thankful I’ve never been that size.  My son happened to catch part of it with me and said, “Mom, at least you never got to be that big.  And you’re trying to lose weight now.  I’m proud of you.”

Loved that moment.  Hearing he was proud of me.  Yes, this is my journey, but I need that support.  Doesn’t everybody?  I put him in charge of making sure that I work out daily.  I told him he can ask me when he gets home from school every day and if I haven’t yet he’s making sure that I do.  He loved that idea–after all it means HE is in charge of mom:)  

On a related note, I got gift cards for Christmas from some of my family and enjoyed going out and splurging on myself for a change. I’m not thrilled with the size, but it fits and it looks nice right now.  My husband told me that when I get to my goal weight he’s sending me on a major shopping spree.  It means I can actually go to the high end stores I normally avoid for clearance racks.  

Ironically my “goal” clothes are in my drawer.  I have a cute pair of jeans that have no prayer of buttoning and my purple Leinie’s Berry Weis t-shirt.  I haven’t been able to come close to wearing it since I got it, but I love it so much.  I refuse to get rid of them because they’re my skinny jeans.  You know those ones.  I’m sure I’m not the only out there with them.

But, excuse me, while I stop typing to go dance with my little girls.  My five year old found “The Cha-Cha Slide” and she’s teaching me.  



2 Responses to “Honestly, me?”

  1. Jennifer W January 2, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

    Good for you Michelle!! It is much easier to lose weight when you are not doing it alone. This year has not been good to me either and I have gained weight. I’m not proud of it, but with not having my own house the stress is too overwhelming to add to my burdens. I am hoping to make changes this year too.

    • mylifewiththree January 17, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

      I’ve been there too. But, it absolutely makes a difference having the support. Hopefully you’ll get your own place and own space soon! At least being out in the workforce again should help you:) Keep going!

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