A marathon

10 Feb

My oldest is 10 and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes five years ago.  It’s a continuous battle for him (and us) and he has told me that he is going to grow up and find the cure for diabetes.  I believe he could do it.  However, right now there isn’t one.  As I was browsing on Facebook I found a photo of a JDRF team running a marathon at Disney World.

We originally were planning on going to Disney World this winter.  We were going to pack the kids up and put miles on my mini-van and revisit the happiest place on earth.  Last time we went I was pregnant with my middle child, so it’s been awhile!  However, after being laid off in December we no longer could financially support that.  My son was surprisingly not terribly disappointed, the girls had no clue, but my husband and I are still pretty disappointed.  Next year is our goal now.

I found that photo when I was sad about missing our vacation, being stuck shoveling snow instead of putting my toes in the sand and sun, and when I knew I needed a bit of motivation.  I wanted to run.  There’s also no better motivation than running to cure diabetes.

This means a whole lot of work for me.  I haven’t ran in over 10 years.  I used to in college.  I loved the zone and that is what I’m searching for in this journey.  That means I need to coordinate childcare during the week when I want to jog.  It means I need to find an indoor place (either treadmill or track) for cheap as there’s not a lot of spare cash right now.  It means I need to work on my nutrition as well, so I can fuel my body correctly.

But this is nothing compared to the daily challenges our friends and family face with diabetes.  And do I plan on running the entire thing?  Who knows?  I am looking forward to the training though:)


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