Spelling Squats

12 Feb

I was dancing with music with my girls the other day. They both love music-the more bass the better.  Anything you’d hear in the clubs is worthy dancing.  (Not that I have any idea what they play in clubs anymore).  My elder daughter has Down Syndrome.  She can move in ways the rest of us cannot even attempt.  The best part is she copies every move that you make, so it’s flattering to someone with two left feet and no dancing skill.

The best part about dancing with the girls is Nyssa’s signature dance move.  She will sit on the floor and rock her trunk back and forth to the beat.  There is no beat she cannot keep up with and she can bend down to her toes while giggling.  It’s incredibly impressive when she has her scoliosis back brace on.  I sit down on the floor with the girls (Annika doesn’t think twice about dancing like her big sis) and I try.  I dare all of you to try her dance.  Some of you have seen it.  I’m up to lasting through a three minute song.  This dance works not only your abs, but your legs, butt, and back.

My son wil join in and furiously dance for about 10 seconds and then say he worked harder than all of us.  That day he came home from school and saw us dancing and said, “Hey mom!  Guess what we did in school today?”  I could only huff a “what?”  “It’s something you should do.  We were doing squats during spelling.”  I commend his teacher for getting them active in class.

“You want me to do squats while spelling?”

“No, mom, just squats!  You should do squats to work out.”

I can officially not do a squat without considering brushing up on my spelling skills.  So between my ab workout and spelling squats these kiddos are keeping me busy!  Marathon here we come!


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