Something new

15 Apr

I celebrated another birthday recently.  It’s always a bit invigorating for me.  I usually am lucky enough to get a bit of cash as a gift and usually spend it on new clothes.  But that’s just not so fun for me lately.  I have a closet full of cute things that I would just like to fit into and feel more comfortable in.  But shoes, on the other hand, shoes always work.  I found myself some fun little Sketchers.  Ladies, if you haven’t tried on the Go Walk Sketchers try them.  They are so unbelievably comfortable.  I didn’t need to break them in at all.  Best of all–machine washable!  Workouts are not usually kind on shoes;)

In addition to the new shoes I have found new workout plans that I love now that my back is healed.  My first–the elliptical.  When I first went to the gym I could barely handle five minutes on that dreadful machine.  I’d pass it to go to the treadmill.  I was jogging/walking on the treadmill but I could get a workout in.  But…it was beckoning me.  I tried again and again each time I went there.  I can proudly say I’m at a 30 minute workout now.  No, it’s not a huge workout, but that’s a big change for me.

I also broke my favorite workout DVD the other day.  Remember Tae-Bo?  Probably not if you’re younger than I am.  However, I was a huge fan of Billy Blanks and his workout collection.  I even had one of them on VHS.  Considering I haven’t had a working VHS player in years I know that got ditched awhile back. But when my Ultimate Abs DVD went I was a little sad.  When you find a workout DVD you can do more than once you stick with it.  And when I tried a few stores for a replacement I realized that it’s not quite popular anymore.

So I tried something new.  And loved it.  Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  I’ve watched The Biggest Loser–used to all the time.  Jillian scares me.  She seems brutal and I think she’d make me cry more than once.  But…I love the circuit training aspect of the workout.  I am not faithful with strength.  I have a lot of weight to lose and would rather do the cardio to burn calories.  But…this combines it all and makes the strength fun.  I wanted to die the first time I did it.  But here I am a week later and this morning when I popped on my new shoes and hit play I managed the full workout AND was ready for more.

New can be scary.  But sometimes it’s great and you just might conquer something you didn’t think you could.


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