Summer Lovin’

24 Jun

I love summer.  I love the heat, the sun, the green grass, the smell of suntan lotion, pools, long days, lawn chairs and an icy beverage, cookouts, and flipflops to name a few.  The last time I really had a summer “off” to enjoy was when I was a senior in high school.  

This summer has me hopping.  I’m still job searching.  Looking into school options as well (because one Bachelor’s Degree is never enough).  But I’m also trying to be out there enjoying our days as I know there isn’t going to be many summers where I have the time to play.

My older two are in summer school though, because three months is a bit long without any formal education.  I didn’t mind as much when they were in daycare as there was at least some educational purpose to their days.  And, yes, I do have the education to be able to work with them at home, but it’s not the same.  My daughter, especially, needs the social interaction.  

Summer school was a change.  We tried the school she will be attending in fall as a Kindergartener.  I misread a question and answered it wrong, and the school accepted her into their program.  After an hour and a half I received a message from the principal saying they were unable to meet her needs.  It was the first time in awhile I lost my professionalism. I couldn’t speak.  There is nothing worse as a mom than hearing that someone cannot “handle” your child.

Mistakes happen.  I’ve made my own.  I’m a pretty understanding person as long as ownership is taken for those mistakes.  In this case–it worked out for the best.  We got into a new program and she loves it.  She gets to swim every day which is fantastic for her gross motor skills and she enjoys being there.  I drop her off with a fantastic aide every day who makes me feel like she’s known her for years.

And me. Well, I’ve got the lovely experience of just having one child from 7:35 until 12:15 every morning.  I forgot what that was like.  My youngest and I go for lots of walks, run errands, go to the library, and just enjoy life.  

But excuse me, as I need to lather on some Coppertone and go out in my back yard.  There’s a sprinkler calling our name right now.  I’m going to enjoy these days.  My children are growing faster than I want and we need to spend our precious time together as a family.


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