30 minutes

20 Jul

30 minutes is an episode of Word World, the amount of time it takes my elder daughter to eat a meal (or snack), how long it takes my son to wake up in the morning, how long it takes me to change my daughters and bring them somewhere (anywhere!), how long it takes me to pick up and vacuum the house once (multiply this at least by two as cereal, crackers, or the like will find their way to the carpet at some point in the day), and it is the amount of time it takes me to rotate and put away a load of laundry.

My days are full of 30 minute intervals.  Yet, I struggle to find time for myself as I know other moms do.

30 minutes is the amount of time I usually waste in the morning while my son is still waking up.  That consists of me sitting with coffee and the iPad harvesting crops and filling boat orders on Hay Day.  That one I won’t give up;)  However, it is my new goal to add two 30 minute segments every day.

Segment one:  work out.  It’s easy for me to set this one aside for the children’s needs, spending quality time with the family, making dinner, going shopping, the like.  Trust me, it’s easier to say “I’ll just work out longer tomorrow.”  And that doesn’t happen.  So priorities straight–if I haven’t done at least a 30 minute walk during the day I have a Pilates DVD collecting dust in my closet.  I will push play before bed if I haven’t worked out.

Segment two:  writing.  Again, I leave this one as another segment I push aside to pick up toys yet again, to fill more boat orders and harvest a few crops of wheat hoping for some more barn upgrades on the iPad.  But the characters in my novel are waiting for me! In my mind I know what they are doing, but the poor kids are still stuck on the couch as they have been for two weeks.

Luckily, I have a few friends that can hold me accountable to these two thirty minute segments.  An hour is not too much time to ask for.  Not for myself.  And after all, the workout is for all of us.  Mama is much happier when I’ve been able to work out during the day.


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