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Say good night to the stars

6 Oct

My life can be a whirlwind.  Three kids.  A dog, two cats, a husband, a job, never-ending housework.  A weight-loss adventure.  Diabetic testing, insulin, fielding phone calls from the school, preparing lunches.  Walking the dog, making meals, doing laundry.  If I have a spare moment I will decompress by playing a round of Candy Crush Saga or filling boats on Hay Day.  But even that’s interrupted by someone crying, or pushing, or dumping out the cat food.

The other night I took the dog out before bed.  Of course, my over-tired toddler followed me crying (thinking I was going to leave).  I let her follow and as we stood out in the driveway I was thinking about trying to get her to sleep and iron my husband’s work shirts and getting a shower in before bed.

She stopped and pointed at the sky.  “Stars!”  And I looked up. The sky was dark blue filled with brilliant sparkling stars in the sky.  I didn’t stop to look at them.  Did I really take one moment that day to stop and appreciate what’s around me?  So we stood there in the driveway and pointed at the stars.  She reminded me that it’s not always about what needs to be done.  It’s not about that never-ending list we have–sometimes you need to stop and admire the stars in the sky.

So that night we said good night to the stars, the trees, the deer in the field, the owl we heard hooting in the woods. And for a minute I remembered what life really is.  For my own self I need to stop and look at the stars more often:)