This year is about me

26 Dec

With 2014 looming ahead of me I think about the past year and my past New Year’s resolutions.  Have I lost the weight I wanted to?  (No).  Did I run that marathon? (No).  Have I written any of that best-seller? (No.)

I’m not making excuses or belittling myself for missing them.  I accomplished lots of other things.  I have a small publication in a book.  I lost some of those pounds I wanted to.  I walked/ran a 5K.  I got a job.  Sometimes just making it through the day is an accomplishment.

But rather than focusing on the big picture…  (Finding that pre-pregnancy weight I was nearly 12 years ago).  (Writing that bestseller).  (Running that marathon). I’m focusing on myself in a new way.  And I already started.

Every day I will do one thing for myself.  Just one thing.  The rest of the day can be spent in the hustle and bustle of two working parents, three kids, two cats and a dog.  Being a wife, a mom, an employee.  But one thing will be just for me.

Yesterday I read a book.  To be honest, it was a fabulous book written by a fabulous friend of mine, but I read the entire thing.  I rarely get the chance to pick up a book.  I have stacks of magazines I haven’t even opened.  The day before?  I stayed home for Christmas.  It was the first quiet Christmas we’ve had in years.  And I loved it.  Every year we run like crazy people trying to divide our time equally between each family.  Other days–I’ve gone swimming, I’ve painted my toes, I’ve styled my hair even though I wasn’t leaving the house.

Does it need to be big?  No way.  It just needs to be about me.

And I know that eventually the rest of those goals/resolutions will be met.  Maybe 2014 is the year for those–maybe not.  But 2014 is the year that I will devote one thing every day–just for me.


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