My moments 

20 Jun


Here you see contentment.  My dog and I curled up on the grass.  Soaking up some sun after a drizzly day.  The birds were singing.  No mosquitos. My kids were laughing.  Pure bliss.

Here is proof that for 10 seconds my body and mind could completely relax. Except it only lasted 10 seconds.

Then my dog heard the jingle of another dog’s collar and ignored my “Stop!  Come here!” There was a possible playmate!  Oh boy!  Except that lab didn’t want to play.  And I had to apologize and haul my dog back into the house.  Somehow not everyone believes my 68 pound mutt is just a giant teddy bear that wants a hug.  And even though he’s incredibly well behaved and a good boy he has his moments too.  As in – pfft-I do what I want to do.

Then my three year old managed to fall off the slide head first.  How does one do that?  She was sitting while sliding and somehow her body conformed to going head first?  She must have my grace and talent.  I am the one who can sprain an ankle walking on solid pavement.  At least she was fine-the screams she gave were just her normal screams.  Ask the neighbors-they hear it all day.  And night.  Usually she states “leave alone me.”  And she did as I tried to hug her.

As the consoling was thwarted I see a rock go flying at my neighbor’s shed.  We have a playhouse, a swing set, a teeter-totter and yet my sassy little 8 year old wants to toss the landscaping rocks.  After reminding her for the upteenth time the rocks are not for throwing I sighed.  

At least I had that moment?  

Now when is the next one?  And is it bedtime yet?

Maybe dinner.  But they need to be inside.  We don’t want anyone catching on fire while I grill.  That has only happened once, by the way.


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