Before it melts

27 Jun


Today’s adventure started out well.  A walk to the neighborhood grocery store where we picked up some dinner supplies and I may have let my miniature helper pick out an ice cream bar.  It didn’t require a lot of arm twisting.

She loaded back up in the stroller which caused meltdown number one.  After all, she’s carrying her ice cream in one hand and a toy puppy in the other.  Backing up into a stroller like that is challenging enough without a maxi skirt to get caught on the footrest.  Having both hands full make it near impossible.  But my lady is determined to do things solo.

I’ve been through enough tantrums in my life to know that it’s unreasonable to ration during a tantrum. So I allowed the crying, held the puppy dog as she tugged at her skirt, kicked herself into the spot and tried to bite off those pesky nylon buckle straps that were pulling on her.

Again.  I’m not a rookie to tantrums.  (Though I find myself losing patience during a screamfest sometimes.  Hey, I’m human.)

After we managed to push the horrid straps over her arms, and pulled the skirt up so the seat didn’t hurt she could concentrate on the yummy chocolate coating over ice cream bar.  I saw the flakes of chocolate peeling off and watched her daintily lick pieces.  I picked up the pace in the stroller.  It was summer.  We were outside in the sun.  And I had a preschooler eating ice cream on a stick.  While I was not a science major in college,  I do know what ice cream does in the sun.

We made it about two blocks down the road when it happened.  The block of ice cream fell off and the shards of chocolate as well.  They landed on her puppy, on her lap, on her shirt.  I stopped the stroller when she started her wailing.

Here is when I stood and looked at my little girl.  I calmly said “You have a choice here.  You can scream and cry over your spilled ice cream and you won’t enjoy any more of it.  Or you can stop crying and pick up the pieces and eat those.  No, it’s not the same, but it’s still really good.  And you can still enjoy it.  Again, it’s your choice.”

Typically she would continue to tantrum and the pile of ice cream probably would have ended up on the side of the road until a stray dog licked it up or it was stepped on by an unsuspecting jogger or bicyclist.  But she stopped this time, looked at me with her tear filled blue eyes and picked up a piece of chocolate coating.  And popped it in her mouth.

I smiled as I picked up the pace again and watched my daughter pick up the pieces in her lap and enjoy them.  And I realized this was a life lesson started by an ice cream bar.  Some day she’s going to struggle in class or break up with a boyfriend and I will remind her of her two choices.  Either stay and cry or just pick up the pieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I think crying is important.  And I have spent my time crying, but at some point you need to focus on the pleasure of what you do have. It might not be how you planned it to be.  But it’s still really good.  Chocolate is always good after all.


2 Responses to “Before it melts”

  1. Jessica July 7, 2016 at 7:15 pm #

    Dear mylifewiththree,

    How in the world do I subsribe to your blog? I’m unbelievably inspired by your courage, patience, and thought to paper qualities, please please tell me how I can always see your thoughts you want to share.


    • mylifewiththree July 7, 2016 at 11:42 pm #

      Oh bless you honey. Down on the lower right should be a “follow” link. Enter your email and you should be able to💕💕

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