A Brave Princess

1 Jul

MeridaAwhile back my family took the trip to Disneyworld.  With my daughter’s special needs I made sure to do my homework and we were prepped to get her their special needs pass.  It was perfect as we didn’t have to stand in line and hold our spot for places.  It doesn’t mean you are able to walk straight onto the ride or meet and greet whenever you want to do, but instead of standing there in line for an hour for a ride, or 90 minutes to meet your favorite Frozen princess you come back at your allotted time and can go on.  It was a savior.  Like a constantly refillable Fast Pass.  Our other savior was the double stroller we had rented.

Partially because I’m a huge Disney fan, but partially because they’re just plain fun, we often spend family time watching movies.  My peanut happens to gravitate to a favorite film and watch it over and over and over.  Until she memorizes it.  And it’s fun to watch because as she watches this beloved film she yells the words, acts out scenes and sings.  To those people who think she can’t talk I dare you to watch Frozen, Brave, or Big Hero Six with her.  But, because she watches these favorite movies over and over and over, the rest of us do need a break.  In comes the iPad where she can watch them in the confines of her own room, with her Lotso bear (although we do need to watch her when she tries to smuggle food in there as well.  She’s my food hoarder.).

But, back to our Disney trip.  My husband and son wanted to go on Buzz Lightyear’s ride again.  (I do not suggest that ride with a child with sensory issues–the lights and sounds are way too scary, my kiddo cried and covered her ears the whole ride).  So Grandma and I went for a walk with the girls.  Probably off to rehydrate on this hot August day.  And we happened to come across Merida.  The line was shortish.  So we jumped in and waited.

When it was finally our turn to meet Merida my little lady collapsed to the ground.  She didn’t want to sit there.  Who knows why.  Maybe she was tired, maybe she was scared.  Again, since she can’t tell us, we have to guess.  However, that’s when the Disney magic appeared.  Merida didn’t bat an eye.  Even though she was sweating with her full-faced makeup and wearing a beautiful velvet green dress she must have been sweltering in, she plopped down to the ground and sat next to my girl.  And she chatted about her frustrating younger brothers (since my youngest was standing with me behind them) and my little lady laughed.  She touched Merida’s long curly red hair and it was beautiful.

As a mom I know that these princesses are trained to deal with special needs children.  And honestly, any child even if typically developing can have a meltdown in a themepark.  But watching Merida plop down and make herself at home to touch my little girls life was amazing.  So, Merida in August of 2014, you made this mama smile.  And you made a little girl’s day.

And we still have Brave on high rotation in this house.  The iPad, now shattered from someone dropping it, has been replaced by a less expensive Kindle Fire that we can stream our Disney movies on.  And I adore watching her standing with Merida pretending to shoot an arrow and yelling “I’ll be fighting for my own hand!” as my girl will.  She’s a fighter, she’s independent and feisty, but she’s also very loving.  Just like Merida.


4 Responses to “A Brave Princess”

  1. Steve Young July 3, 2016 at 6:01 pm #

    My name is Steve Young. As a special needs person myself who has epilepsy your daughter’s story touched my heart and I thank you for writing about this experience with her. As for me I live with seizures and I never know when the next one will come. Being a fan of Disney I really enjoyed what you said about how Disney characters really cater to special needs people I really love hearing about this because I have special needs friends. I will pray for your family! With much love
    Steve Young

    • mylifewiththree July 3, 2016 at 6:12 pm #

      The prayers are returned Steve! I’m glad I could touch your heart today:) I hope the time between seizures is long but the time between Disney films is short.

  2. Robbie Peyton July 6, 2016 at 7:48 pm #

    Hi,these stories really touched me .Thanks for sharing.I have met plenty of ‘s own syndrome children.I love how they are so enthusiastic.some of the most beautiful people in the world.

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