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10 Jul

I’ve mentioned my son is a teenager.  And while we get along pretty well our interests don’t always mesh.  Occasionally we may read the same book, we do both enjoy hiking and being outdoors, but other than the fact that I have an immature sense of humor and don’t mind fart jokes there’s a gap.

He recently joined the many other people out there playing the app Pokemon Go.  I vaguely recall his Pokemon trading card years, so when he would tell me about this app I let the sound go straight through my brain. So when he was telling me about his Pokemon adventures now I enjoyed the fact he was biking or walking, but that about it.

Finally as he requested to go for a walk down the road to chase after some Pokemon and said “mom, I think you’d really enjoy this” I decided why not? 

So I downloaded the app on iTunes tonight.  And found myself outside walking down the sidewalk with my phone battling imaginary characters while my youngest follows me in her Cinderella heels.

Keep in mind this is my first time using the game.  I spun in circles in front of a random house with my phone on camera mode tiring to find whatever character my phone just buzzed me about. I imagine I got some odd looks, but it’s hard for me to look threatening.  Even my dog will look up at me like “don’t even try, lady.”  If I look non-threatening, remember I have princess slippers in her neon skirt with me.

There was a check in.  Only a few blocks away.  At this moment I regretted my flip flops and skirt and wished I had my Nikes on.  But I needed to see what that blue spot was.  So I walked way to slowly as my youngest balanced on the curb, adjusted her plastic heels and stopped to inspect a dead bug.

Finally that check in was there!  And so were some more characters I battled while my son was kicked off the server (judging by the service its a bit popular).  But then there were two more check ins just a block away!  So we cruised to those as my youngest asked “can we go home now?”  Since my phone’s battery bar was rapidly declining as fast her patience I said yes.

But not without capturing yet another character (a super rare one!) and leveling up past my kid.  

Game is on now.  Apparently the kid will not let me win as he went chasing another character down the road while I sipped a glass of wine.  

Like most apps I start I will probably get tired of it in a few days.  But, right now, my son and I have a date to go for a walk tomorrow and check in to all those blue dots we saw off to the west.  

And he’s sending me Pokemon memes.  If it takes an app to get more exercise and bond with my son I’ll continue to play for a bit.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago he was the one slowly shuffling down the street, just adorn in Lightening McQueen tennies and his matching tee shirt, but still inspecting bugs and balancing on the curb.


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