Something Old becomes New

21 Jul

One of my favorite toys from childhood was my blonde-haired blue-eyed Cabbage Patch doll, Cassandra.  I’m not good enough of a doll mom to remember her adoption day or even her birthday, but I still have her a “few” years later.  And that alone shows my dedication to her.

She originally wore a sweet two-piece navy blue short and dress combo dotted with small flowers and a white lacy collar. She also had white socks and white shoes I lost many years ago.  I loved taking out her pigtails and rebraiding the mustard-yellow yarn strands and tying them with ribbons from my mom’s sewing supplies.

I never owned the extra brand-name outfits, but I did have my own baby clothes that worked beautifully when I wanted to switch it up.  Most were dresses-I assume my parents enjoyed a change from blue.

My first childhood friend was Sara.  She and I were the only girls on a block of boys in a small town.  And she happened to have a Cabbage Patch too.  Her name was Kelly and she had red hair.  Sometimes Cassandra and Kelly would switch places for a day and Sara and I would enjoy the company of a “new” doll.  I asked Sara last time I saw her if she still had Kelly, but Kelly found a new home where she was loved somewhere else.  Selfishly I was hoping for a doll reunion too.

Cassandra has been in my house for awhile (I can’t even remember how long) but had just been waiting for her turn to play again. One day when I was putting away laundry my youngest spotted her in her sister’s room.  And since then has dragged her “other sister” around.  They have had tea parties, she’s earned a spot on the bed, she’s gone shopping and even sat in the tricycle basket and gone for rides.  In a doll’s life it was a long time coming.  She has a friend again.  She’s playing again.

And me?  I smile each time seeing the same toy that brought me joy bring joy to my daughter.  Her hair is a little loose in some spots, her cloth body darker with dust and dirt (she spent time outside!) and she has “borrowed” clothes.  But when I pick her up from the floor it feels right.  She still tucks in my arm.  And I love listening to the conversations she is participating in.  

Something old is definitely something new in this house.  In this case it’s the joy of a doll.  


One Response to “Something Old becomes New”

  1. 365daysofkindness July 21, 2016 at 3:05 am #

    Cabbage Patch dolls are timeless! 🙂

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