14 Aug

I’m not a morning person.

At all.  My husband can attest to that.  My kids can too.  In order to be somewhat functional I need coffee.  

During the school year I would try to get up a good hour before anyone else.  And pray the Keurig didn’t wake up the youngest who’d be waiting to climb in my lap.  That is my face when I’m given the gift of quiet time.  Because that is the only time during the day I get to myself.

I love my family.   Love them, love the hugs I get and I do enjoy the fact that my tall, lanky four year old loves to cuddle with mommy.

But I also need peace.  I remember when I was a kid I would hear my mom making coffee at some absurdly awful time of the morning.  Like 5 am.  I would roll over and go back to sleep always wondering why she would get up hours before she needed to.

I get it now.  The delicious black liquid slowly warming me and giving the little caffeine kick that helps me forget getting up to change a diaper, check to make sure my diabetic kiddo is just thirsty and not sick with ketones, or being trapped under a little body after consoling her though a bad dream.

The silence of my house, the only sound is the tiny click of my cat’s toenails as she jumps to the recliner arm.  She purrs softly as she knows this is her time alone with me too.

I accomplish nothing during this first half hour or hour of the day.  Chat online with my lovelies, my dear friends that met online.  For one it’s the middle of the night, the others mid-day.  No matter what time of the day it is chances are someone is there waiting for the others.  I game on my phone, or read.  Or both.

That early hour of the day is my magic time.  As an introvert I love spending time with and chatting with friends and family, but desperately need the solo time to unwind.  This early hour makes it worth getting up for.  As a kid I could close my bedroom door and read and write for hours.  As a parent my life now revolves around these littles.

So my morning coffee is vital.  And if I’m lucky I get a few minutes before I fall asleep as well. Because their needs are important, but so are mine.


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