Shopping With Three

16 Aug

I like small amounts of shopping.  I’ve never been someone to spend an entire day browsing through stores, buying bag upon bag of stuff I want.  Usually I’ll scour the clearance racks, make a lap through the areas I’m in the mood for and I’m done.  

Don’t ask me to grocery shop.  My husband does that as I rarely plan an actual meal out of it and end up with lots of impulse buys and can easily spend $100 on food.  But no gallon of milk or loaf of bread in the mix.  Which then requires another trip.

But now…it’s summer break.  And my husband is gone 13 hours a day for work.  That’s a heck of a lot of time to entertain my kids.  Eventually we all get sick of the same off white walls in our half packed house.  And we go buy a sprinkler.  Or Popsicles.  Or yesterday headphones for the oldest.

I may have mentioned I’m gimpy this week.  A random (injury?) of my left foot makes it challenging for me to walk.  Well, OK, it’s painful and challenging.

And I swear my middle daughter uses this to her advantage.  I limp through the store bearing my weight on the semi carts.  I call them semis as they’re impossible to steer.  The cart in front of the two seats where your toddlers can happily ride.  Or in my case, argue over who had what side, dive off to try to put something they want in the cart.  All while trying like hell to avoid crashing into other people, the carts of empty boxes that employees are reshelving Lysol wipes and shampoo.  That are never pushed to the side, but blocking the whole aisle.

By minute five  my foot is throbbing, my girls have tried pushing each other off the cart, and I somehow limp to the shampoo aisle, changing my pathway twice to avoid hitting a pregnant woman and shelf stockers that stare at me as if I am the inconvenience.  Only to find…they don’t have my shampoo.

By now I wished I had the scooter cart, but trying to keep my daughters near me is impossible.  I have to choose between comfort and my little lady with an extra chromosome who if she is not in a cart will find it hysterical to run off and play hide and seek.  It is not funny.  In the least.  Especially when she doesn’t reply to her name and I have no clue if she’s still even in the store.

But my kid got his headphones.  My girls got shampoo (with Dory on it!) and no one ran away.  

But one adventure was enough yesterday.  And still enough for today.  As one kid tried jumping on the couch, one has been giving the dog milkbones every time she’s in the kitchen, I’m sure I need to entertain them again today.  I say everyone grab a book and read today!  (Think it will work?)


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