It Will Be Okay

17 Sep

Throughout my life I’ve picked up and relocated a few times.  Leaving high school to go to college.  The moment in college that my boyfriend graduated and took a job across state.  I transferred in my senior year of college and planned a wedding then.  When I became pregnant with our son and my husband had to choose between “possibly having a local job” or relocating and definitely having a job.  And then another two years down the road when said job hit a standstill and neither of us was happy where we were.  

We then moved here.  After a brief stink of living in my father-in-law’s place we found our house.  A fixer-upper we could afford in a very pretty location.  And that’s where we’ve been.

Through ups and downs.  The birth of two more children.  Heart surgery.  Diabetes.  An MBA.  Countless home improvements.  Adding two dogs to our family.  And another cat.  Twelve years of memories.  

Now we find ourselves less than two weeks from our new adventure in another city.  And I’m panicking wondering how to pack and clean everything.  If we have everything we need for school.  Adding any pending medical appointments (as I have to find new providers after all).  Saying goodbye to some really amazing people I have met throughout the years.

Truthfully.  I’m petrified, thrilled, and worried all at the same time.  When the anxiety hits I remind myself.

You have done this.  Look how awesome that turned out.

It will be an amazing adventure where you will find where you are meant to be next.

It will be ok.  Really it will.

So if you see me out and about buying more cleaning gloves or packing tape, you may see my permanent brow furrow.  I’m probably thinking of everything that needs to be done.  And I might be procrastinating as the same part of me that’s ready to move is also already missing my mountain, friends, and the serenity of my living room view.

If I’m muttering to myself I may just be repeating that it will be okay.  Sometimes I just need that reminder.  You’re welcome to tell me that too.


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