Sunshine and flowers

20 Sep

I’m not an optimist.  I’m not always a pessimist either (even with the things that make me worry).  I like to see myself as a realist.

But sometimes I need a pick me up.  Some days feel endless, some days I’m caught in the trap of my mind where I test my youngest for diabetes at the slightest symptom because I missed her brother’s early symptoms, cry because I ask my middle daughter how was her day for the millionth time in her school career.  Even knowing that she will only say hi.  And unless I get a note or a project in her backpack I have no clue how her day was.  

Some days are hard.  And I know there are others handling worse things. There are others also handling easier things.  Truth? 

That doesn’t matter.  This is me and I need to acknowledge and take care of me. I am important too.

So in this moment I pause and look at my shrubs to see if they need weeding.  And instead of weeds are flowers.  I didn’t plant them.  I don’t know how they grew there, but I welcome the beauty.  These sunny yellow flowers are my gift to pause and reflect.  And see the endless beauty of life.  And love.  To enjoy the moment.  And sunshine. 

And know that I have a purpose here.  And I am not alone in my journey.  And life really, really is good.


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