What I Learned Moving 

8 Oct

1.  Somehow we can actually function even though we are too tired and sore to move.  But it’s still easy enough to fall asleep.  Even after you’ve walked down the stairs and got changed for school.

2. What you spent months packing is suddenly strewn in your garage and you are expected to know where the necessities are.  You won’t.

3. You’ll have to go to the store for said necessities and even with a list you’ll forget something.  And make yet another $450 Costco run buying necessities.  Sad, but true.  At least we only needed one grocery store run after that.

4. After many of those trips you’ll decide it’s easier to use Amazon.  On the plus side you get to meet the very nice mail person.  On the negative you end up with a storage unit that holds DVDs instead of a bookshelf.  After wallowing in sadness you can deliver said “media storage unit that showed CDs and paperbacks dang it” to the teenager in his room for the video game collection.  

5.  The kids will do an amazing job settling in to their new schools.  You’ll realize this from the 4 trips a day to drop said kids off and pick up even though you signed up for bussing. That gives you the chance to talk to their teachers daily and they at least pretend the kids are great.

6. Boxes.  You thought you hated packing?  Unpacking the 10th box of Barbie dolls makes you wonder why you have so much stuff and where is the box of tshirts and your knee high boots?  It’s fall.  We need boots.

7.  The first few days you might accidentally miss the turn to your road and drive down the next looking like a creepy stalker peering at the road signs.  But by the end of the week you find new routes to home.  And the shortcuts Google Maps avoids. 

8.  Your pets either move gracefully or not.  You prepare the resolve and carpet cleaner just in case, but thankfully they move gracefully.  In fact when one of the cats realizes their food, water and litter box are in the basement along with their human’s room-she finds no reason to leave that floor.

9. If you can keep one room free of kid clutter and boxes do it.  Because it helps you regain your sanity.  I’m lucky as we chose the living room for that room.  And the fireplace helps soothe the soul too.  Clutter distracts me and I can’t concentrate so that room is where I go to work.

10.  Enjoy.  Find the little quirks of your new house.  Hear the creaking in the floorboards, see how mini rainbows form on your walls when the afternoon sun filters through your window, watch your kid swinging safety in a fenced in back yard (and the dog who stands and waits at the door instead of exploring the yard).  Just enjoy making your new place home.  And relish the feeling when it feels that way from day one.


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