Blue Lights Are Special

14 Nov

My son is tough.  He has a kind heart, a great sense of humor and every day I watch him grow into this incredible young man.

But he has to be tough.  He has Type One Diabetes.  And all the exercise or food choices in the world will not cure him.  There is no cure for Type One or Juvenile Diabetes.

Being tough means spending most of a morning in the health room at school eating candy and drinking juice to try to raise your blood sugar over 70. 

Being tough means waking up after your insulin pump infusion set breaks off and you feel like vomiting.  Instead you replace it, inject insulin and drink water, knowing it will pass soon.  

Being tough means testing your blood sugar seven times a day.  Using your cell phone to track blood sugar data.  

Being tough means a day at the waterpark means stopping every hour at least to test and connect that insulin pump again.  

Being tough means going for a bike ride means bringing a test kit, quick sugars and water.

Being tough means listening to your mom or dad ask yet again “did you test?” or “did you bolus for all your food?”

Diabetes isn’t easy.  At all.  It requires a lot of support and knowledge.  And that’s one thing we can do to support others.

There are many reasons why we love our new community.  But what I love right now is their efforts in raising awareness and supporting others.  Waunakee has turned the town blue.

A free light bulb is given to anyone who wishes to support this cause.  And as you drive downtown you see the support.  A blue Christmas tree, blue lights wrapped around light posts, and countless houses with a blue light bulb on their front porch.

To a family that struggles with the real life challenges of diabetes it feels like a hug.  It feels like you’re not alone in this disease.  And it spreads awareness.  

Not to mention it shows how beautiful tough can be.


2 Responses to “Blue Lights Are Special”

  1. Heather Roberts November 14, 2016 at 11:08 pm #

    Beautiful. Both visually and because of the heart message.

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