18 Jan

Love, joy, relief.  But mostly grateful.

This photo popped up in my Facebook newsfeed the other day and I smiled.  I’m sure many of you readers can smile at the simple beauty of this picture.  My kids are showing off their own beauty and that smile my youngest is giving is priceless.  You can see the protective and loving nature of my son.  

But to me, I see how healthy they look.  For that is what I am grateful for.  

This photo was taken four months after my son’s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes.  Here he has gained back the weight he lost, can sleep through the night again and even though he’s still in a crazy new world of injections and finger pokes he feels good.  Strong again.

His sister’s cheeks are pink.  There’s no blue in her toes or fingers, she’s round and soft and plump.  She’s got the bright red zipper scar in her chest as she had just healed from open heart surgery.  Instead of me waking her to eat, she awakes herself and cries for food.  And she has the strength again to play, eat, grow.  Her first few months weren’t quite as simple.

I smile because I remember the strength it took every single day for us to survive those months prior when our heads were in a world of terror thinking we could lose on of our children.  I can still feel my head on my husband’s shoulder as the operating team pushed my little baby girl out to surgery.  His hand in mine when we crash coursed how to give insulin injections and carb ratios.

We were all so strong then.  We still are.  We still fight diabetes daily.  I still panic a little when I see my girl catch a cold and wonder if it will be pneumonia.

But there is strength in our family.  We love.  We battle.  We play.  And I’m relieved we are where we are.  And even in the worst moments we can still smile and laugh and hug.  


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