Who Says I’m not Social?

8 Feb

Hi.  My name is Michelle.  And I am an Introvert.

And I’m okay with that.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like people.  I enjoy gatherings as long as they’re not insanely long.  I’d prefer it if I at least knew a person or two, but I will go to places or events alone.  And if you didn’t know me you may not suspect I am an introvert.  I have random conversations in the supermarket, such as last week when the cashier at Piggly Wiggly and I realized that she and I used to live in the same hometown many years ago.  My teenager does not appreciate it if I laugh or chat with someone in a store, and I am a magnet for babies.  I’m sorry, I’m totally the weird woman smiling at your baby, but I promise I won’t touch them or give them my germs.  I just think they’re adorable and considering they smile back, they think I am too.

Becoming a stay-at-home mom/writer means that I spend my afternoons by myself unless I go out in public. Most days I’d rather use the time to write, so I spend quality time with myself.  Sometimes I read, usually I’m typing on the laptop and my pets wander in and out.  The dog is a great writing companion as he is happy being lazy and flopping at my feet.

But even still, other than Facebook, texting with my family or friends it’s pretty quiet.  And I sometimes become that crazy cat lady.  My son’s cat rarely leaves the comfort of his room down in our basement.  It smells like him (Old Spice Swagger and dirty socks would not be my scent of choice, but it suits her) and the dog and his sisters rarely go down there.  Her food, water, and litter box is down there.  Why would she want to leave?

So I antagonize her.  Because I just needed a bit of socialization and scratch her head which makes her purr back, then meow loudly when I stop.  However, judging by her face she doesn’t appreciate the fact that I tried to snuggle in for a selfie.

I continue to slowly meet new people in town and eventually will make some friends.  I socialize with the other moms during the youngest’s gymnastics class and chat when I’m at one of the schools for one reason or another, but making friends seems more challenging as an adult than as a child.  My youngest especially will take about two minutes to size up another child and deem them friend worthy.  Then again, she is an extrovert.  She looks to others to recharge.  Usually that’s me, so I’m grateful that I have this time to myself to type on my laptop and take crazy photos with the animals.  In approximately two and a half hours life with “Why does the dog wear a collar, but the cats don’t?,” “Why does Barbie have yellow hair most of the time, but sometimes it’s pink, purple or brown?,” or “Why doesn’t Curious George have a tail?.”  In case you haven’t guessed, my youngest is in the why stage.  While it is incredibly adorable and I certainly promote curiosity, it is exhausting for us introverts.  We are specifically prepping her for the reminder that when we go to the theater to see The Lego Batman movie there will be no asking questions during the movie.

But, yes, I like snuggling with her, and I love catching up with old friends, meeting new people, but I also cannot function as well without the time in the afternoon when all I have are sleeping animals and Amazon Prime music playing the background music.


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