A Day Without His Girl

3 Jun

Even though my daughter has never had a play date, has been to one birthday party other than family members, she has a BFF.  His name is Lotso and he goes everywhere with her.  He’s been to the doctor countless times, goes to school, shopping, and anywhere else she travels.

Today my girl had a field trip and her teacher requested that he didn’t go with to the caves.  I had to pry a stuffed bear out of her arms and left her crying on the bus.  Neither he, nor I were happy about it.  His expression said it all.

So, to make it right, what else can a Mom do?  

We decided Lotso needs to have a great day with us.

He started out cuddling with little sister and watching Sofia the First, which is probably a welcome change from The Odd Squad that he usually listens to on the Kindle.

Then he had a rare treat and enjoyed a cup of coffee with me.

He seemed to like it black just like me.  Or if he wanted creamer, he didn’t ask.  Regardless he needed the caffeine boost.

We had to run some errands to pick up weekend supplies.  His girl is about to have a birthday, so he came with to pick out some supplies and was content riding in his seat, even if it was little sister by him.

He got a little warm in the sunbeams so we unwrapped him when we got there.

He also got to experience his very first car wash!

The noises scared him a bit, so little sister swaddled him back up to soothe him.

We sat with me while little sis went off to school and requested a selfie as usually his girl squishes him in them.  This time he got to experience the true joy of a dual selfie.

Face it, that was pretty exhausting for one bear, but he waited patiently for his girl, who squealed when we met her at the bus. 

He hasn’t left her side since, but we did okay on our own.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he told her.  


One Response to “A Day Without His Girl”

  1. Heather Roberts June 13, 2017 at 3:39 pm #

    What a creative way to soothe her- she will remember it when she needs to part again.

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