28 Jul

I made a Target run today.  I had my kids so I didn’t get to visit my favorite areas (the clearance endcaps) or browse the home section imagining redecorating I could be doing.  Instead it started with the hunt for one of the semi-trailer sized carts.  And we did get one, so I weaved through aisles using the expertise skills I’ve acquired pushing my seventy pound daughter in a stroller with absolutely zero turning power.  (I’m still thankful to have a stroller!)

I managed to remember the Lactaid, cheese, orange juice, Pull-Ups, Popsicles and laminating sheets with only a small stop in the book aisle where one girl dove for a Barbie Gymnastics book and the other giggled after grabbing a Moana book.  Yes, I bought them.  I don’t care if they’re not masterpieces; the fact that my kids are excited to see books is something I encourage the heck out of.  I considered a trip down the best-seller aisle, but the amount of unread books on my Kindle convinced me not to.  

As I started piling our items out of the cart, my son felt the beginning of a low blood sugar right as his Dexcom CGM alerts and my spunky middle child climbs out of the cart even though I asked (okay, begged!) her to stay in it purely to make my life a tad easier. Naturally she didn’t listen, but instead I heard the squeak that means her bear is talking to me and I tucked the not-so-fluffy pink bear under my arm as my RedCard and I paid for our items.

I naturally shift as my other two (bless them) start loading the cart and then my spunky girl hands the cashier the divider that separated our cartful from the laptop behind us.  She giggled when she got a thank you and then she walked a step away from me and I hear her say “Hello.”

A young man smiles back at her and returned her hello.  I struggle not calling him a boy (but to me anyone ten years younger than me feels like a kid).  She smiles and I pause.

She doesn’t talk to strangers.  She’d prefer the comfort of her family and often prefers females to males, but she must have sensed the kindness in him.  So I returned a smile and let him know “she very rarely does this.”  My girl stretches her hands out in what I call her “excited” pose.  When very happy or excited she stretches her limbs but they create a rigid look.  It’s especially fun when she’s barefoot as she manages to stretch her toes, but it’s confusing to people that don’t know what her body language means. This time, since she was standing, she leaned over to giggle.  With a kind smile this “boy” said he felt very honored that he was the object of her affection.

And I smiled back, grabbed the hands of my daughters as we walked out following my teenage helper pushing the semi trailer red cart with a pink bear tucked next to my purple dress. Because it really doesn’t take much to prove there is love and kindness in the world.  A simple “hello” can do the job.


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