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Thank You Red-Haired Girl

8 Jul

A year ago we met her. And, yes, I can still picture her freckled face and frizzy ginger hair.  To those wondering, no we never met again, but I’m guessing she is making friends with other children that need a smile.

We have yet to go to a new splash pad in the area, but every day when I bring my girls to summer school we are welcomed.  My girl has an entire third grade class (now fourth graders!) that have claimed her as a friend.

How do I know they are her friends?  And not just saying they are her friends?  I see pieces of that love daily.

 On the school’s track and field day she and I stayed late at lunch to finish the Popsicle she patiently devoured even though the bell had rang.  While her class was waiting for the first station we walked down the field and she was motivated by the sound of more than a dozen kids chanting her name and cheering as she giggled and joined her friends.  I half expected a red carpet to be rolled out for her with the star treatment she got.  

Her special helpers introduced themselves to me.  They automatically pair up with her without needing to be asked and just covered their eyes when she became overzealous with the spray bottle.  

And when curiousity struck in the bouncy house, but fear won I could hear gentle encouragement and giggles saying “you can do it!  You’re almost there!” When she didn’t want to leave the cheery yellow air filled room I heard her helpers shout for backup as there was a “Crisis situation” even though all I heard was thumping and laughter.  Another friend asked me if I had one of her favorite snacks as she might come out for that.  And I smiled as they really “get” my girl and upon the promise of mom’s leftover potato chips she came sliding right out.

A trip to Culver’s once meant she was tackle hugged by a friend of hers.  And while my girl is stingy with hugs and has an introvert personal bubble like her mom, that hug didn’t pop it.  She giggled and hugged back.  And his parents told me how much their boy talks about her and how funny she is.  While he took her straight to the soda machine to pick out her drink.

I’ve had a few occasions now where parents have said hello to us and told us their son/daughter has lunch with my girl sometimes. And that that’s their favorite day of the week.  To know her friends talk about her that often their parents reach out to me, just makes me smile.  

So while she might not tell me about her friends, I know they are there.  The little girl at the splash pad reminded me to look for the beauty and love in others.  It’s there.  We need to keep advocating for our kids and allowing them to be who they are.  The friends worth keeping see the beauty in differences.  

And for those of you lucky enough to hear giggles and hug this girl or high five with her when she says her words-enjoy.  She can give you a friendship that has no ulterior motives.  However, you need to know you’ll take second place to Lotso, you know which swing is hers so don’t claim that one, and you must enjoy music and laughter.  I suggest not drinking milk before she does something goofy as it might come out your nose.  I learned that the hard way.


Summer Lovin’

24 Jun

I love summer.  I love the heat, the sun, the green grass, the smell of suntan lotion, pools, long days, lawn chairs and an icy beverage, cookouts, and flipflops to name a few.  The last time I really had a summer “off” to enjoy was when I was a senior in high school.  

This summer has me hopping.  I’m still job searching.  Looking into school options as well (because one Bachelor’s Degree is never enough).  But I’m also trying to be out there enjoying our days as I know there isn’t going to be many summers where I have the time to play.

My older two are in summer school though, because three months is a bit long without any formal education.  I didn’t mind as much when they were in daycare as there was at least some educational purpose to their days.  And, yes, I do have the education to be able to work with them at home, but it’s not the same.  My daughter, especially, needs the social interaction.  

Summer school was a change.  We tried the school she will be attending in fall as a Kindergartener.  I misread a question and answered it wrong, and the school accepted her into their program.  After an hour and a half I received a message from the principal saying they were unable to meet her needs.  It was the first time in awhile I lost my professionalism. I couldn’t speak.  There is nothing worse as a mom than hearing that someone cannot “handle” your child.

Mistakes happen.  I’ve made my own.  I’m a pretty understanding person as long as ownership is taken for those mistakes.  In this case–it worked out for the best.  We got into a new program and she loves it.  She gets to swim every day which is fantastic for her gross motor skills and she enjoys being there.  I drop her off with a fantastic aide every day who makes me feel like she’s known her for years.

And me. Well, I’ve got the lovely experience of just having one child from 7:35 until 12:15 every morning.  I forgot what that was like.  My youngest and I go for lots of walks, run errands, go to the library, and just enjoy life.  

But excuse me, as I need to lather on some Coppertone and go out in my back yard.  There’s a sprinkler calling our name right now.  I’m going to enjoy these days.  My children are growing faster than I want and we need to spend our precious time together as a family.